Susan Moldenhauer


The landscape has inspired and grounded Wyoming photographer Susan Moldenhauer’s work throughout her career.  Her early work ranged from exploring mark-making, ancient and modern, in Utah’s Canyon Country (1980s) to incorporating fabrics into the landscape which re-examined the idea of the landscape photograph (1980s-1990s), to placing herself in the image as a human presence combined with using fabrics to capture the wind visually. This latter work between 2000 and 2009, became a series called Place | Mind | Spirit. 

Since 2009, Moldenhauer has worked in collaboration with artist Wendy Lemen Bredehoft and dancer Margaret Wilson in a partnership called Sequencing. Their work together is called Sequencing Through Time and Place,  is place-based and explores the creative process through mixed media, photography, and performative dance.

Inspired by place and time, Moldenhauer’s images transform subjects into aesthetic experiences.  Responding to light, landscape, shadow, form, line, and scale, the images are composed in the viewfinder, captured digitally, and converted from color to monochromatic tonalities and printed without cropping.

Compositions in Black and Light advance Moldenhauer’s photographic exploration of light, shadow, form, line, scale, and moment through photographing musicians---at music festivals, in bars and pubs, and in concert.

Moldenhauer’s most recent series, I80@80, is inspired by the fast pace of life in the 21st C experience most notably traveling at high speeds through the American West and using the contemporary camera, the iPhone, to respond to the passing landscape. Urban and rural areas across the US are included in the series.



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